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Please note that all our products are handmade in small batches. Color and style of products may vary however all the ingredients will remain the same.

Our Sugar Scrubs are handmade and crafted with the finest ingredients!

Not only does exfoliating with our sugar scrub remove buildup from your skin, but it also helps to create a more radiant complexion, as the AAD states the removal of dead cells leaves the skin looking brighter. Sugar scrubs are a gentler exfoliation option, as the sugar granules melt onto your skin for exfoliation that’s kind to your complexion.


Our Sugar Scrubs also include Sodium Lactate which has MANY benefits including boosting product absorption, smoothing your complexion, and hydrating the skin (by up to 85%!). It can also defend your skin from damaging pollutants, keeping it healthy and hydrated!

Saint Augustine Sugar Scrub

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